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HOBOKEN, N.J., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For over 100 years, Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. has been a leader in…

HOBOKEN, N.J., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For over 100 years, Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. has been a leader in pump technology. Sims Pump, a specialized pump manufacturing and engineering company in the United States, manufactures engineered pumps, impellers and casing rings, sleeves, guide bearings, shaft bushings, mechanical seals, and more. Offering innovative solutions for customers, Sims Pump specializes in solving balance, cavitation, corrosion, electrolysis, erosion, longevity, and radial thrust problems.

SIMSITE® Structural Composite Line Shaft Bushings (Guide Bearings) can extend the life of your equipment and save them from significant damage. SIMSITE® Composite Guide Bearings and Line Shaft Bushings outlast and outperform bronze, thermoplastic, rubber, and elastomer bearings!  They are uniquely different from any other line shaft bushings because they are a structural composite – the graphite fibers are continuously interwoven in a multidimensional weave. SIMSITE® Bearings and Bushings will not break down, cold flow, or melt like thermoplastic, or rubber guide bearings and line shaft bushings. They are significantly superior to other guide bearings and bushings, offering rigidity to the rotating element as well as self-lubricating qualities without galling, or seizing, on the shaft. SIMSITE® Bearings and Bushings are precision machined from solid blocks of the patented SIMSITE® Structural Composite, which insures maximum longevity because the load of the shaft is distributed equally over the length of the bearing. SIMSITE® Bearings are also much better than traditional bearings when operating in Seawater and River Water Applications

SIMSITE® Guide Bearings and Line Shaft Bushings hold the pump shaft more securely, which reduces shaft deflection & vibration and improves longevity. Because SIMSITE® Bearings are inert, electrolysis is greatly reduced when the bearings are used. SIMSITE® Guide Bearings will not corrode in seawater, or wastewater, and they seal against the casing, or the bearing housing, preventing leakage behind the bearing, and eliminating the damage of corrosion and erosion. This is critical because it insures that the shaft will be secured properly reducing the risk of damage to the entire rotating element.

SIMSITE® Composite Guide Bearings and Line Shaft Bushings offer safety as well as longevity and have a proven track record with thousands of installations in service over the past 100 years.

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