Centner Academy Bursts Into Fall Opening With Three Schooling Options

MIAMI, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Centner Academy, the first happiness school in the U.S., will offer three schooling options when…

MIAMI, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Centner Academy, the first happiness school in the U.S., will offer three schooling options when it reopens its school campuses for students in Preschool to 8th grade on September 8, 2020.

We believe children should have the opportunity to be together, to bond and connect — especially now with the uncertainty of our current times.

Centner Academy learns from public health officials and local doctors, and participates in national and international forums that bring them the latest research and findings from schools that have reopened around the world.

The three options for students’ learning paths in the 2020-2021 school year include:

  • In-person classes: full year in person (transition to virtual if required by local restrictions).
  • Half-year option: September-December 2020 online; January-June 2021 in person.
  • Online only classes: full year online.

During the first week of school, Centner Academy will be implementing a retreat-style learning method, both in-person and online, where the focus will be on students learning the school culture through team-building activities as opposed to just reviewing school rules.

Centner Academy is currently hiring teachers and its intensive 5-week Professional Development begins Monday, August 3rd. Teachers will undergo a cumulative 10,000 hours of engaging, interactive development. Hands-on training will focus on mindfulness in the classroom, project-based learning, conscious discipline, emotional intelligence, social entrepreneurship, neuroleadership and executive function, subject area curriculum, and more.

«At Centner Academy, we’re striving for every child to start school happy and excited for the rest of the year,» said Leila Centner, Founder & CEO of Centner Academy. «A positive school climate and culture promotes students’ ability to learn and succeed in life. Our goal is to transform the heart of education to ensure happy, confident, compassionate, mindful, empathic and connected children through a more holistic approach to teaching that responds to social challenges.»

In preparation for back to school, Centner Academy will follow all legal requirements and implement new safety and sanitation precautions, processes and policies for the health and physical well-being of children, teachers and staff while on campus, including:

  • Facility modifications, such as the installation of Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights inside HVAC systems located in all classrooms, bathrooms and elevators, to destroy harmful microorganisms, including mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and viruses like COVID-19, eliminate bad odors, and purify the air; as well as the installation of electrostatic air purifiers in common areas to remove contaminants from the air and improve air quality; and re-equipment of all HVAC systems with advanced filters to mechanically purify the air.
  • Enhanced cleaning training and routines: All faculty, staff, and students will have training on hygiene requirements and cleaning practices, and cleaning crews will be doing hourly sanitization of surfaces and nightly deep cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Temperature screenings: The school asks that all parents screen their child’s temperature before coming to school, and will do temperature checks upon arrival for all visitors with thermal cameras and no-touch sensors.
  • Stay home requirements: The school’s sick policy has been updated to include a required stay-home clause for any individual who is feeling unwell, with at least 48 hours of being symptom-free before returning to school (this includes students, visitors, faculty and staff).
  • Small class sizes: Centner Academy boasts small classes sizes as a normal part of the student experience and will continue to look to research and science to inform the safest class size, both for student health and social-emotional wellness.
  • No large group gatherings: Students will eat in their classrooms rather than in a large cafeteria space limit large group sizes.
  • Indoor shoes: All students will remove their outdoor shoes at school and wear indoor shoes instead, reducing the possibility for outdoor contaminants to enter the building.
  • Anti-bullying software in school computers: Centner Academy is installing STOPit, an award-winning software platform that mitigates, deters and controls inappropriate conduct in schools and allows students to report inappropriate behavior anonymously via mobile app, web, or phone hotline service.
  • Water and other shared services: Students will be asked to bring reusable water bottles from home (or can purchase one from the school store). The school is investing in filtered water bottle filling stations throughout both school buildings and will prevent the use of water fountains in some phases of reopening. The number of students using each restroom will be limited.
  • Social-emotional wellbeing: the school’s commitment to embedding mindfulness across the curriculum and supporting the grit, resilience, and social-emotional wellbeing of students will continue to be a priority. The school’s schedules will still include dedicated time to mindfulness, as well as having the principles of mindful education embedded in all subjects, whether they are taught online or in-person.

«We are committed to reassessing these policies and procedures frequently, increasing and reducing restrictions as needed to keep our community safe, happy and strong,» stated Leila Centner.

For more information on Centner Academy’s reopening plan, click here, or visit their website at www.centneracademy.com.

About Centner Academy

Founded by entrepreneurs and philanthropists David and Leila Centner, Centner Academy is an international school dedicated to cultivating happiness and well-being in children. Centner Academy’s curriculum combines a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness in a challenging academic setting featuring language immersion, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. Using a strengths-based approach to learning, all Centner Academy students and teachers have opportunities to do what they love across the curriculum through project- and problem-based learning. For more information, visit www.CentnerAcademy.com.

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