Cuban President Invites People to Debate New Family Code

Cuban President Invites People to Debate New Family Code

On Thursday, President Miguel Díaz-Canel invited the Cuban people to study and enrich the Family Code project, recently approved by the National People’s Power Assembly (Parliament).


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“I invite you to study it and join this song for the rights of all,” the president wrote on Twitter, after the publication on Tuesday in the Official Gazette of the document that will be submitted to popular consultation from February to April.

The new legal text updates the atlas of Cuban social family geography, which contains the rights of all actors.

According to specialists, it also recognizes guarantees for vulnerable sectors of society and reinforces the decision-making power of people to marry or not, or to establish or not a de facto union, whether hetero or homo-affective, among other contributions.

The democratic system of #Cuba is based on the active participation of the people

An eloquent example of participation in the conduct of public affairs, will be the popular consultation on the Family Code, scheduled between February and April this year

— Juan Antonio Quintanilla Román (@JAQuintanillaR)
January 14, 2022

Likewise, it allows determining the economic regime of marriage or de facto union in exceptional situations and within the limits of the law, the exercise of parental responsibility in favor of third parties and deciding by common agreement the order of the children’s surnames.

It lays the foundations for a more democratic family law, as well as solidarity and responsibility, based on the recognition of dignity as the supreme value and foundation of the rest of the constitutional rights.

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