Exclusive NFT Collection From RTFKT And THE FABRICANT Drops April 16th On THE DEMATERIALISED Marketspace

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BERLIN, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On 16th April at 8pm CEST, a collaboration between the pioneers of the burgeoning digital fashion industry is dropping exclusively inside THE DEMATERIALISED marketspace. It will be available to purchase for 48 hours only.

Record-breaking NFT extraordinaires RTFKT and digital couture house THE FABRICANT have come together to create a seven-piece collection. RTFKT made history this February selling $3.1m worth of sneaker NFTs in seven minutes. Whilst THE FABRICANT was the first fashion company to ever release an NFT, their Iridescence dress sold for $9,500 in March 2019.

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is best defined as a unique digital identifier created and observed on a blockchain. Think of it as a digital passport for a product that enables authorship and ownership to be transparent. An NFT’s value can be subjective, however, it provides provenance, offers new opportunities for storytelling and it generates market scarcity whilst securing sovereignty for the creator.

The co-branded collection named «RenaiXance» aims to redefine the meaning of street-culture in the digital era. In it, they dress their muses – asking who are the Future Ancestors of the Metaverse?

The garments created by THE FABRICANT embody a notion of both fluidity and protection. Their design team was driven to this by identifying how diverse, yet still gendered and over-sexualised gaming characters are. The new wave of fashion re-constructivists (creatives taking garments apart and reconstituting them back together) was also a key source of influence for the corset piece and the overall styling. Conceptually, this nods at the importance of re-examining old beliefs and challenging broken systems. The hyper futuristic sneakers, architected by RTFKT complete the look where medieval and ancient aesthetics mix with a punk mentality to create a rebel spirit for the present.

THE DEMATERIALISED’s invite-only marketspace has the goal of widening access and ownership to NFTs as consumers can pay in regular fiat or cryptocurrencies. Their NFTs are powered by the LUKSO blockchain. Their innovative platform also offers new forms of post-purchase utility with AR experiences, NFT collection showcasing and porting directly to avatars (D2A) in games and Metaverses.

«This NFT collection offers the community a chance to own a part of digital fashion history. It was a dream to secure exclusivity for this drop with the two leading brands in the space.»

Marjorie Hernandez and Karinna Nobbs (co-founders of THE DEMATERIALISED)


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