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LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In his newest informational post, digital marketing expert Jon Zacharias explains the importance of…

LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In his newest informational post, digital marketing expert Jon Zacharias explains the importance of elevating your Google Ratings. With more web traffic than ever being driven through Google’s search algorithm, it’s never been more important to work to establish your brand name within it, helping you gain eyes simply through search. This is an effective strategy that can save money compared to simply buying ad space among search results, but can be hard to approach if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, where do you begin?

Jon Zarcharias has years of experience in digital marketing, including co-founding online advertising agency GR0, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day, which is an unthinkable amount of information compared to traditional methods like books or libraries. To sift through all this information, Google is built upon an algorithm that works to filter for the best results based on keywords used, your geographic location, your search history, and other things it might know about you from your web usage. These all function to inform it on what you might be best looking for based on a number of these factors; when you search for ‘chicken restaurant’ it will not only show popular results, but it will show relevant ones near your location. To that end, it is possible for brands to create content with this in mind, including these keywords like ‘chicken restaurant’ in a blog post tied to your city, through social media posting, or by promoting reviews on a popular service. Importantly, all of these results are tied to specific words or phrases, known as ‘keywords,» which are the things someone would actually type into the Google search bar to ask for something. When attempting to approach Google ratings and SEO, it’s important to identify keywords that are popular and tenable in your local area; there are services like ahrefs that can help with this. But how do you actually approach those keywords and ensure that people searching for a ‘chicken restaurant’ find yours?

As Zacharias notes, improving a Google rating is no longer as simple as slapping the phrase ‘chicken restaurant’ onto a page as many times as possible and having Google pull it for simply being the most chicken restaurant of them all. Instead the content you post is required to be quality, featuring identified authors, factual and cited information, and to receive views and other engagement. While this requires a bit more effort and thought, it certainly isn’t impossible, and instead relies on you understanding your audience. What do they like, or what would they want to know? Can you tell them the story of how you got your chicken recipe from your grandmother? Or where the strange wooden rooster statue in your restaurant came from? These small bits of information can have larger stories woven around them to create information that is relevant, engaging, and informative to both your audience and to search algorithms. But this isn’t a reason to be slow about posting content or to have a minimalist website; as your posts can quickly be swallowed by the millions of blog posts made daily. It’s important to introduce regular features to your content regimen and to ensure that your web pages are offering short, factual information like FAQs wherever possible. These bite-sized nuggets of information are great for Google, which will sometimes display small factitious blurbs at the top of its resulting web pages.

As part of your keyword identification it’s important to understand what is attainable and valuable for your specific brand. You do not need to try and be number one when it comes to rankings for «chicken» or even «chicken restaurant,» as these terms are likely to be contested by mainstream poultry dealers. Instead you can tailor your keywords toward your audience by adding additional words to make the keyword more specific; think «Jamaican chicken restaurant» or «Chicken restaurant open after midnight» if you can. This makes it easier to directly connect with people who will identify with your offering and allow you to avoid competing with deeper pockets than your own.  This tactic has been especially helpful for Jon Zacharias and GR0, where it enables his team to develop unique SEO strategies for each client who then can get relevant, local ratings without breaking the bank.

Importantly though, every brand has to understand that posting backlinks on its own website is not enough; Google prefers information coming from multiple trusted sources. This means that it is crucial for your brand to connect with local news organizations, bloggers, and other media entities who might be able to offer backlinks and help to bolster your credibility. Google’s mission is to put verified, accurate information in front of its users, and as such elevates the mentions and valuations offered by websites it deems trustworthy; known sources of information. This also bolsters your roster of quality content and can even provide some much-needed media coverage for your small brand. But every brand should make sure it is fully ready to take on this challenge, as some media-makers can’t be bought and will voice their honest opinions, whether that’s helpful to your business or not.

With this newest post, Jon Zacharias hopes to introduce some of the fundamentals of online marketing to smaller businesses and a new generation of entrepreneurs. Now a co-founder of GR0, Zacharias has been in that exact position himself, understanding the need for smart solutions that are also affordable and attainable for new businesses. Now, these helpful tips and strategies are key to getting noticed on the world’s super-hub of information: Google.

Jon Zacharias has spent years working in digital marketing and advertising, and his latest venture GR0 is clear proof of that. He currently works with influencers across all sects to provide meaningful relationships between his clients and their potential audiences, and is constantly working to grow his portfolio. With over 30 employees, GR0 works to help brands improve their SEO rankings on Google and create quality online engagement between them and their customers.

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