Precious gemstones with a Purpose – British luxury jeweller Serendi launches digital retail platform exclusively focused on the finest coloured gemstones

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Launching on Monday, 18th of October 2021, Serendi’s retail platform ( offers a spectrum…

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Launching on Monday, 18th of October 2021, Serendi’s retail platform ( offers a spectrum of extraordinary coloured gemstones, from magnificent royal blue sapphires to ‘pigeon- blood’ red rubies, vibrant pink spinels and striking green tsavorites. Increasingly sought after and rare, each gemstone is of the very highest quality – hand selected by Serendi’s gemologists, untreated and certified as 100% natural by independent, world-class Swiss gem laboratories.

A magnificent 15 carat Ceylon blue sapphire ring made by Serendi. Named the Prince of Orion, the ring features an extraordinary 15 carat, natural, untreated blue sapphire surrounded by a cluster of dazzling diamonds, masterfully and intricately crafted by hand.

Leveraging a deep-rooted family heritage, which spans four generations, Serendi was founded by technology entrepreneur Naushard Jabir. Commenting he said: «My father, grandfathers and great- grandfathers were pioneers in this wondrous industry. They travelled the globe, seeking out the rarest coloured gemstones while developing a deep appreciation and respect for these unique treasures created over many millions of years by Mother Nature.»

Jabir aims to redefine an archaic industry with technological innovation, creativity and colour – while ensuring Serendi has a truly altruistic purpose at its heart. «I strongly believe that our philanthropic ambitions align closely with our objective of delivering real, tangible value to our clients through our jewels – to cherish and preserve a legacy for many generations to come,» he continued. «Protecting the environment is of great importance to us, and we are keen to develop and encourage sustainable ways of living.»

Serendi has pledged its commitment to cultivating and developing sustainable communities in Asia and Africa, by investing in:

  1. The Environment – Protecting invaluable land, supporting wildlife sanctuaries
  2. Healthcare – Improving access to and investing in healthcare infrastructure
  3. Education – Investing in schools, libraries and technology
  4. Enterprise – Empowering communities and encouraging vertical trade

Globally, the demand for the highest quality, untreated and certified precious gemstones has increased exponentially – and all the while, these stones are becoming increasingly scarce. Over the last decade, prices have increased by as much as 500%.

According to Jabir, «this demand has been led by China and emerging economies as well as the United States and other Western markets, with a number of purchasers choosing to invest in coloured gemstones as a tangible, secure asset that is an excellent store of value to withstand economic volatility. This price appreciation is set to continue given supply shortages caused by Covid-19 travel restrictions and lockdowns.»

Serendi sources the finest natural, untreated, coloured gemstones from across the world. Created by nature over millions of years, coloured gemstones are rare and appreciate in value over time. These include extraordinary blue sapphires, rubies, spinels and tsavorites, with each gemstone responsibly sourced and independently certified. With a focus on beauty and quality, Serendi aims to bring true, intrinsic and tangible value to clients.

Driven by technological innovation, Serendi’s online platform has been designed to provide a superior user experience to the next generation consumer. Stunning 360-degree videos and imagery enables clients to select a gemstone of their choice and then to create and visualise a bespoke, handcrafted engagement ring               

There is also the option to select exquisitely designed jewellery from Serendi’s ‘ready-to-wear’ and high jewellery collections. For peace of mind, every purchase is supported by a 60-day return guarantee and secure complimentary shipping globally.

In closing, Jabir said: «We want to take our clients on a true journey of discovery, providing a platform that enables them to acquire the very finest coloured gemstones in the world, as well as giving back to the communities that support our industry.»

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