ReloQuest Inc. Announces DoC Guide and Innovative Solutions to Increase International Assignment Success

SUNRISE, Fla., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ReloQuest Inc., the leading global business solution for furnished accommodations and hotels,…

SUNRISE, Fla., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ReloQuest Inc., the leading global business solution for furnished accommodations and hotels, announces the release of a complimentary guide to Duty of Care planning and preparedness in support of business travel mobility.

Corporations are wondering how to adapt to protect employees and their organizations in a rapidly changing environment. When the unexpected happens, such as the COVID-19 crisis, expanded risk is frequently thrust upon businesses and their employees; preparation and training are essential to optimize well-being and support risk management strategy. The guide informs of pioneering innovation recently developed as a support system for both clients and employees.

Relocating employee needs should be tailored to suit the destination; doing so can be complicated. Navigating unfamiliar laws, cultures, and political environments are just the start. This guide will help companies learn how to assess their risk management and best prepare for unforeseen emergencies.

Readers will be made aware of common mistakes to avoid. Additional resources include a checklist and strategies for implementing and improving a Duty of Care plan that safeguards both the corporation and the traveling employee. Topics such as why companies and their employees should have access to verified reliable suppliers of global temporary accommodations- supported by 24-7, 365 live client service are covered in the guide.

The significance of Duty of Care transcends legal obligations. Protecting employees’ well-being is not only ethical; it is indispensable to corporate success on many levels, from legalities to employee retention. This guide will provide direction that supports awareness and a competitive edge. Chief Operating Officers, HR leaders, and compliance professionals for enterprise companies can use this guide to gauge their preparedness, effectiveness of risk management plans, and duty of care program efficiency.

Does your organization have an all-in-one solution that delivers data and reports in real-time, and can track employees? This essential guide covers best practices that most every company should integrate into their Duty of Care procedures to improve their employees’ safety, and mitigate legal risks.

The guide includes:

  • Why is Duty of Care a Priority?
  • Duty of Care Checklist
  • Design a Travel Risk Management Program
  • Preparing for the Unforeseen
  • Duty of Care and Innovation
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • How Technology Supports Duty of Care.
  • Information on Duty of Care obligations

Darin Karp, ReloQuest Founder, and CEO stated, «Given the challenging situation COVID-19 has brought upon us globally; such as having to rapidly respond to keep employees safe, manage with reduced staff, and face the loss of revenue, many organizations’ are looking to ease their workload. Automation is a top priority. ReloQuest can track employees, provide direct communication, access real-time data, and real-time reports, provide self-service options to mobile employees, and can prove to be a lifeline in a crisis situation.»    

Learn how to avoid common DoC mistakes. Download the Duty of Care document; please use this link:

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