The World Solution For Indoor Spaces And Occupancy Released For COVID-19 Regulations

[video src="" poster=""] BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y., July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Doctor recommended MachWall CONNECT is the newest science-informed pandemic response product on…

BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y., July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Doctor recommended MachWall CONNECT is the newest science-informed pandemic response product on the market. As public life tries to normalize, there has to be a better way to prepare businesses and open spaces for long-term mitigation of contaminated air management and physical distanced safety. The design team spent the last four months planning and perfecting CONNECT panels to address the need for communal space solutions.

The World Health Organization recently confirmed that the primary transmission of viruses including COVID-19 is still believed to be through respiratory droplets. Wearing a mask is critical but not always practical. Working out at the gym, eating dinner, drinking coffee at the corner café; not everything can be done easily with a mask on, nor is it reasonable. However, masks and a six-foot-distance protocol have been the strongest public protection, until CONNECT launched.

Now available, CONNECT panels provide sophisticated indoor isolation options as well as air purification and circulation. The multi-purposed units are designed with safety in mind, comprised of materials that withstand repetitive cleaning and sanitization, and air purification mechanics that far exceed public health recommendations.

  • Mechanical system rated to remove 99.9% of air contaminants
  • Isolated air management system provides 20 air exchanges per hour/per unit, 5x the recommended rate
  • Multiple layout options fit any floor plan and adjust to changing protocols
  • Tempered glass panels connect visually, while remaining safely distanced
  • Open ceiling allows for uninterrupted heating, cooling, and sound system access.

Designed to meet the open-space needs of any business, CONNECT provides safety solutions for any business, from gyms and coffee shops to schools, restaurants and salons. Panels are designed with electrical and data ports ready to be wired. Custom furniture can be designed for each unit or use existing furniture or equipment inside CONNECT.

MachWall is an innovative company based in Bridgehampton, New York. With a business acumen founded on integrity, collaboration, and ingenuity the design team has a combined history of revolutionary work. Casual conversations and problem-solving brainstorms have ignited fresh ideas for how to make projects more efficient – in time, energy and solution – combined with a shared passion for integrating new technology into product lines.

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